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beauties of this world

We don’t relies how lucky we are to live in a wold that has places like this. watch and tell me what you think. if you want more videos like this search up daily motion on google. remember to like and leave comments.


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We Should Read More Books

I think we should get are lazy body’s away  from the TV and read some books. books help your brain function. they are a good way to learn and a good way to spend your time. a few months ago I read the first Harry Potter book and I enjoyed it so much that I cant wait to bye the next one. do you want your children growing up fat and unhealthy just because you let them watch to much TV? The earlier your child learns to read the smarter they will be wen they grow up. also writing story’s is good for  there mind. Look at some of the story’s i have written. so good luck.

take my advice and get away from the TV and read.

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